Gold investing reinvented
Easygold Token is the first security token that makes gold investing seamless, secure and profitable through profit participation rights.

We are the first project to offer up to 50% profit participation to our investors through a Security Token.
Private Sale
25% bonus for early adopters
Profit participation rights of up to 50%
Up to 50% profit participation
Experienced company with a track record
Security token with investor protection
How Easygold Token works
Easygold follows a simple, yet an effective method of raw gold acquisition, processing into high quality gold bars, selling on the market and reinvesting the profit in the same cycle.
100% of the proceedings collected through the token offering will be dedicated towards the acquisition of high quality raw gold directly from the producer, which will then be processed by the partner network of Easygold Token into LBMA certified 999,9 gold bars
The gold bars are then be traded on the open market with margins of over 30%, a process that allows Easygold Token to reinvest the profits in the acquisition of more raw gold and to initiate the same process on a growing scale.
EASG token holders are paid profit sharing rights based on the net profit of Easygold. The longer they are in possession of their tokens, the higher the profit share percentage.
Market problem
In light of the recent geopolitical events, as well as the inflation levels spiking higher than the last economic crisis in 2008, the global financial markets are unstable and people are increasingly looking for investment opportunities with downside risk.
Record high inflation levels
Unstable financial markets
Gold has been one of most secure and profitable investment assets in the recent history of the financial markets and remains one of the best inflation hedging instruments today. From just about 2,500 USD per kg in 1975, one kg of gold today is worth nearly 60,000 USD.

Easygold reinvents the way we invest in gold:
Sustainable and profitable cycles
Low entry barriers for investors
High returns at low risk
Advantages of Easygold
High process efficiency
The process of gold acquisition and its processing into high quality LBMA certified gold bars has been perfected through the combined experience of our company and our partners, allowing us to reach the utmost efficiency.
Up 50% profit participation
We offer up to 50% profit participation to our investors that hold their EASG tokens for 10 years, which is the highest percentage among all of our current competitors.
Investor security mechanisms
By investing 100% of the funds in gold, we ensure a solid price floor for our security token.
Full transparency
We offer a high level of security for our investors — the funds are locked in an Escrow contract by an independent third party and are released subsequently only for the purposes of raw gold acquisition.
Experienced company
Easygold has been featured in some of the most renowned online media like Bloomberg, Wallstreet Online, Focus and Welt. We have a track record of over 1,000 customers and successful operations over the last two years.
Investor security mechanisms
Our operational model is in line with the highest sustainability standards. The filtering procedure uses borax as a flux to purify gold concentrates and is among the most environmentally friendly ways of filtering pure gold from ores.
The Easygold company
The Hartmann & Benz company was established on 10.05.2019. Shortly after in December 2019, we introduced the Gold Account product and managed to reach our break-even point - just within a few months after incorporation.

Our company has received multiple certifications and is known from reputable online media like Bloomberg, Wallstreet Online, Focus and Welt. We have been offering every customer the possibility to open a gold account free of charge to buy physical gold (bars) at some of the lowest market prices available today at a starting capital of just 10 EUR.
Read our Whitepaper and One Pager to learn more about Easygold, our upcoming STO and the advantages for investors
The EASG Security token
EASG is a Security token released on Ethereum platform according to ERC 1400 standard. 100% of the proceedings will be invested in the acquisition of raw gold. All unsold tokens after each sale will be burned.

The Easygold Token Security token (EASG) will entitle its holders profit participation rights of up to 50% of the net-profit made by Easygold. The dividend payouts will commence in EASG tokens, for which purpose a certain amount of the total distribution will be reserved and subsequently released at the end of every calendar year.

We are adopting a variable profit share structure, enabling long-term holders to receive a higher percentage of the profits that can reach 50% at the 10th year.
Token name
Token Type
Token Supply
1,662,833,034 EASG
Token STO
646,250,000 EASG
STO Price
Hard Cap
600,000,000 EUR
Profit paticipation
1 year
3 year
5 year
7 year
10 year
Token sale stages
Private sale
125,000,000 EASG
0,75 EUR
Pre sale
150,000,000 EASG
0,90 EUR
Main sale
371,250,000 EASG
Token distribution
Crowdsale — 38,9%
Reserve — 61,1%
Funds distribution
Gold acquisition — 100%
November 2022
US company incorporation
Release of the Whitepaper & One pager
Technical development
March 2023
Start of the private sale
June 2023
Start of the pre sale
August 2023
Start of the main sale
April 2024
Initiation of the first cycle
Foundation of a public stock company and IPO on the OTC market in the USA
August 2024
Initiation of the second operational cycle
December 2024
First dividend payout to investors
Initiation of the third cycle
June 2025
Gold production, high security warehouse and company expansion with more than 50 employees
Become an early adopter
First movers get up to 25% bonus on their investment.